Often the first thing we do when we engage for the first time, this offering provides you with an immediate strategy for improving information usage within key areas or across your organisation. In as little as 3-5 days, we can work with you to define both your current information understanding and your aspirations for the future.

We then look at different architectures and technology approaches that would meet your needs, discussing these with both you and your board and providing to a clear set of guidelines for likely costs and reputable technology partners.

If needed, we can help you develop a business case relating to these proposals.

Information Architecture

Business Analytics Advice and Design

Licence Optimisation

Further offerings

Modelling and maintaining a robust yet flexible information architecture is a key to long-term IT success.

We can help you by understanding and documenting your "As Is" information architecture and all the organisational constraints and priorities that impinge upon it. From this point, we will build a road map to an improved information architecture with all necessary recommendations for appropriate investment, technology options, timelines and likely costs.

We are also able to help you build any such recommendations into a solid business case for further action inside your business.

There is so much information, even reaching the mainstream, around Business Analytics and Big Data. Toby helps organisations to understand what the terms mean in their context, how they can be applied, what technologies are available, and how to tie each of the concepts in with the core information architecture. The terms in question include :

  • Business Analytics and Business Intelligence

  • Big Data, the Hadoop Project and the Internet of Things

  • Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics and Data Mining

  • ROLAP, OLAP and Forecasting

Many organisations struggle to document and manage their license estate with the big IT vendors often leading to huge licensing over-payments.

We have significant experience in the minutiae of licensing deals and through this experience and the use of leading software audit tools, such as Configsnapshot for Oracle E-Business Suite and SCCM for Microsoft, we can give you advice and guidance on how to achieve compliance.This is definitely not a situation which always leads to buying new licenses. Unlike other consultancies, we have nothing to gain!

Toby can of course fit the service he provides around your requirement.


He will not always know how far you are along the discovery trail, nor your ambitions and plans, and is always happy to visit you to discuss what could be achieved in what timescales. This initial visit will normally be free of charge.

Information Technology Strategy – Answer the key questions, by delivering a strategic and realistic blueprint for information.

Forensic – Drill down into a key information problem area and determine ways to improve the flow and accuracy of that information.

Information Change Management – Changing information flows will always have an impact on people. We will help you to design an effective and sympathetic plan enabling you to roll-out changes to your organisation.

Business Intelligence and Analytics Implementation – With a prioritised approach and the most appropriate software tools, we can help you deliver BI value in weeks.

Adoption – You may have modern IT applications, but adoption has been weak. We will work with you to identify the areas of concern and build a plan to aid better adoption by all kinds of end users, from executives to shop floor workers.

ConfigSnapshot for Oracle E-Business – Managing the configuration of Oracle E-Business Suite is complex, time-consuming and carries many risks. ConfigSnapshot helps you manage your environments affordably and can be built into your IT processes, including design, testing, support, patch and release management. I can help with implementing the software and embedding it into your processes.

ConfigSnapshot for Segregation of Duties – ConfigSnapshot helps you manage your E-Business Suite environments but also helps with business functions such as Segregation of Duties. Working with an external consultant knowledgeable both in the need and the tools available can help organisations implement this key ability.

ERP Strategy – ERP is not just for manufacturing. Blending applications for the key business functions such as Finance, HR, Projects, Assets and CRM can help deliver significant efficiencies, but at what cost. We can work with you to determine the possibilities, costs and impacts and offer alternative approaches where practical.

Vendor Strategy and Management – We can help you understand the IT landscape, with our supplier-side experience. We can tell you the pros and cons of current and new suppliers and help you consolidate, drive and manage them to best effect.

Onsite, Outsourced, Hosted, Cloud and SAAS/PAAS - What are the real differences, how can they be blended effectively, what are the considerations and options, how do they help manage risk and cash?

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